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Research Briefs and Publications

  1. “Operationalizing the Capabilities Approach to Understand Neighborhood Well-Being in a Participatory Action Research Study” by Andrew Binet, Noémie Sportiche, Vedette R. Gavin, and Mariana C. Arcaya on behalf of the Healthy Neighborhoods Research Consortium. An Academic article describing how HNS Resident Researchers and consortium partners developed the idea of “prioritization” (people’s ability to meet their most important life priorities), created survey and interview tool to measure it, and report findings that higher prioritization ( is associated with better health and is useful for evaluating progress toward the development of “just and equitable” communities.
  2. Ownership of change: Participatory development of a novel latent construct for neighborhoods and health equity research by Andrew Binet, Yael Nidam, Rebecca Houston-Read, César Garcia Lopez, Gabriela Zayas del Rio, Dina Abreu, Carl Baty, Arnetta Baty, Josee Genty, Goldean Graham, JeffJoseph, Will Justice, Gail Roderigues, David Underhill, Vedette Gavin, and Mariana C. Arcaya. An academic article describing how HNS Resident Researchers developed the idea of “ownership of change”, created survey and interview tools to measure it, and report findings that ownership of change is associated with health, shaped by structural racism, and a key factor for achieving health equity in cities. 
  3. Rising home values and Covid-19 case rates in Massachusetts by Mariana Arcaya, Yael Nidam, Andrew Binet, Reann Gibson, Vedette Gavin (2021).
    An academic article showing that rapidly rising home values in gentrifying communities predict community Covid-19 case rates across Massachusetts.
  4. “It feels like money’s just flying out the window”: Financial security, stress and health in gentrifying neighborhoods by Andrew Binet, Gabriela Zayas del Rio, Vedette Gavin, Mariana Arcaya on behalf of the HNS Consortium (2021). An academic article describing financial insecurity as a pathway through which the experience of living in a gentrifying neighborhood shapes health.
  5. The Moving Mapper: Participatory Action Research with Big Data by Madeleine I. G. Daepp*, Andrew Binet, Mariana C. Arcaya, and Vedette Gavin on behalf of the HNS Consortium (2021). An academic article describing financial insecurity as a pathway through which the experience of living in a gentrifying neighborhood shapes health.
  6. COVID-19 and Healthy Neighborhoods by Mariana Arcaya and Vedette Gavin with contributions from Arnetta Baty, Carl Baty, Andrew Binet, Amy Laura Cahn, Reann Gibson, Isaac Hodes, Gail Rodrigues, Staci Ruben, and Andrew Seeder (2020). An open letter providing data and recommendations from HNS data and partners to guide decision-makers and communities as they work together to respond to the threat and impact of COVID-19 in ways that equitably and effectively meet the needs of vulnerable populations and places. Full Article Link. Executive Summary Link.
  7. Designing and Facilitating Collaborative Research Design and Data Analysis Workshops: Lessons Learned in the Healthy Neighborhoods Study by Andrew Binet, Vedette Gavin, Leigh Carroll, and Mariana Arcaya on behalf of the Healthy Neighborhoods Research Consortium (2019). An academic article on the design and facilitation of collaborative analysis sessions in which residents review and make meaning of HNS data.
  8. Community change and resident needs: Designing a Participatory Action Research Study in Metropolitan Boston by Mariana Arcaya, Alina Schnake-Mahlb, Andrew Binet, Vedette Gavin, and Shannon Simpson on behalf of the HNS Consortium (2017). An academic article showing connections between income insecurity, food insecurity, social support, experiencing discrimination, expecting to move, connectedness to the neighborhood, and ownership over local changes and residents’ physical and mental wellbeing.
  9. HNS Baseline Report by HNS Staff (2016). A data brief on the state of development, gentrification and health in HNS communities.

Articles, Blogs, and Podcasts

  1. Leading Change Through the Valued Voices of Community Collaborators (Podcast) – Partners for Advancing Health Equity (2024). HNS is featured in a two-part episode about about neighborhood improvement, community resilience, and the importance of community collaborators as valued voices to inform and lead change within their neighborhoods. Episode 1, Episode 2.
  2. A Podcast on Gentrification Creates and Strengthens a Community – CLF (2024). Community college students in Brockton share research and personal stories in a podcast about their home.
  3. The Beloved “Bomb Shelter” Brings a Threatened Community Together – CLF (2024). In Mattapan, HNS partners reclaim a Cape Verdean historical cultural hub to build community.
  4. A Zine Brings Community Data to Vibrant Life – CLF (2024). In Chelsea, Resident Researchers created a zine with stories about transit.
  5. Voices of the PAN Podcast – HNS (2023). Mattapan Resident Researcher and host Robyn Gibson as she chats with local leaders to connect what’s we’re learning in our research to their work in communities.
  6. Chelsea Chronicles: Navigating Life and Transit – Greenroots (2023). Chelsea Resident Researchers created a Transit-Justice Zine to bring to life the vital connections between transportation and wellbeing.
  7. Mass Union to the Boston Globe: Tenants who live public housing problems 24/7 urge state to act – Boston Globe (2023). Dave Underhill (Mass Union Vice Chair and HNS Resident Researcher from Fall River, MA) published a powerful Letter to the Editor advocating for quality, safe, affordable housing.
  8. Researchers Build Community Power to Influence Health in Gentrifying Neighborhoods – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (2023). In this blog, Reann Gibson discusses how individual and community “Ownership of Change” impacts health and how building ownership of change advances racial and health equity.
  9. How Community Development Can Promote Equity Urban Institute Critical Value Podcast (2022). In this podcast Vedette Gavin, Robyn Gibson (HNS Site Coordinator and Resident Researcher), and Maggie Super Church (CLF’s Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund) discuss  what equitable community engagement and development looks like in practice.
  10. Housing Series: The Hidden Costs Of The Housing Crisis – The Daily Item (2022). In this article, Celinet Sanchez (HNS Resident Researcher) discusses the impacts of rising housing costs and financial insecurity on Lynn residents.
  11. What’s Different When the Community Collects the Data? – Shelterforce (2021). When residents were recruited to conduct an annual study that examines community change and health in nine Massachusetts communities, they didn’t just collect data—they changed how and what was collected.
  12. Resident Researchers Find Data-Driven Solutions, Unexpected Friendships, and Opportunities To Heal From Within – CLF (2021). In this blog, Carl Baty (HNS Resident Researchers) shares how the Healthy Neighborhoods Study is turning research into action and disagreements into long-lasting friendships.
  13. How Will the COVID-19 Crisis Shape the Future of Community Health? – Q&A with Reann Gibson, Senior Research Fellow, Conservation Law Foundation.
  14. Research from the Ground Up – CLF (2020). In this blog Joann Diaz and Cliffton Bennet, HNS Resident Researchers from Roxbury, share their experiences leading the Healthy Neighborhoods Study. In this blog Joann Diaz and Cliffton Bennet, HNS Resident Researchers from Roxbury, share their experiences leading the Healthy Neighborhoods Study.
  15. Why COVID-19 Is Hitting Some Communities Harder – CLF (2020). This blog explored how historic inequities are making it harder for low-income and communities of color to shield themselves from coronavirus.
  16. Organizing for Healthy Housing by Andrew Seeder (2020). In this blog, Celinet Sanchez and Goldean Graham (HNS Resident Researchers) share their personal experienced that motivate them to fight displacement and organize for housing justice in their community of Lynn, Massachusetts.
  17. Researchers Bring the Power of Data Home – CLF (2019). In this blog, learn how HNS researchers from Chelsea, Everett, and New Bedford are finding creative ways to share findings and empower residents.
  18. What Does It Mean to Use Research for Action? by Reann Gibson (2019). In this blog learn how community members helped create and conduct the HNS and share the data in their communities to help create positive change.
  19. Building Stronger Communities from The Ground Up by Leilani Mroczkowski (2019). In this blog Lelani shares how solving community challenges through PAR starts with listening to those who know their neighborhoods best.
  20. Using Community-Led Research to Address Environmental Injustice – CLF (2019). In this blog learn how HNS brings together CLF, residents, and community organizations to address the health impacts of rapidly changing neighborhoods.
  21. Measuring Community Health. A New Research Model Puts the Community in the Driver’s Seat p.12 CLF (2017). In this issue of CLF’s Conservation Matters magazine, learn how CLF is partnering with residents and advocates to create healthier communities through HNS.
  22. HNS Interview Series by MIT Community Innovators Lab (CoLab). Andrew, our post-doc from MIT, talks about how to design a research study both with and for residents. Ronel, a Resident Researcher and housing justice organizer from Brockton, believes his community is strengthened when locals are the ones conducting community research. Adela, a Resident Researcher, organizer, and college student from Chelsea, shares her unique perspective as a researcher. Read all of our interviews with residents and partners here.

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