Mattapan – Voices of the PAN

Voices of the Pan Podcast is inspired by the research of the long-running Healthy Neighborhoods Study (HNS), a project where residents and community advocates work as equals with researchers and planners from MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning, the Conservation Law Foundation. VOP podcast will dive into organizations, leaders, business owners and activists that will share not only their experiences but solutions around our state’s most pressing health issues. Episodes below!

Meet the Host – Robyn Gibson

Robyn is a community leader, health equity consultant, and HNS Resident Researcher in Mattapan.

(location – Nuban Markets)

Mela Bush Miles, Transit-Orient Director for Alternatives for Community & Environment and HNS Resident Researcher spoke to us about her transit advocacy work and how she envisions residents having more power in decisions made in their communities. Ownership of Change is a social determinant of health as defined by HNS Resident researchers. The more we have power in decisions made in our communities, the healthier the people will be in our communities.

Learn more about Mela Bush Miles’ work with ⁠Alternatives for Community and Environment
Find out more about Ownership of Change from Reann Gibson’s ⁠”Researchers Build Community Power to Influence Health in Gentrifying Neighborhoods.”⁠

Cassandria Campbell is Founder and Owner of Fresh Food Generation. Founded in 2015, Fresh Food Generation “started with a bright red food truck and the vision that good food should be accessible in every neighborhood.” Campbell wanted to be able to provide healthier alternatives in the Dorchester/Mattapan neighborhoods especially because of the prevalence of diabetes in these areas. In many Healthy Neighborhood Study communities access to quality and affordable food is an issue. Use our ⁠HNS Data Portal ⁠to see how accessible fresh food is in your neighborhood.

In many Healthy Neighborhood Study communities access to quality and affordable food is an issue. Use our ⁠HNS Data Portal ⁠to see how accessible fresh food is in your neighborhood.

Learn more about Cassandra and her food revolution here

Episode 3: Clifton Bennett on Education and Community Empowerment (COMING SOON!)

Clifton Bennett, Boston Public Schools Educator and Community Advocate is speaking with us about the obstacles around accessing safe education in the City of Boston. Bennett is advocating for the Boston Public Schools Elected Committee. Currently, Boston does not have an elected committee. HNS Resident Researchers use participatory action research (PAR) to collaboratively conduct research with the people who are most impacted by the study. Learn more about how it can be helpful in creating a process for a Boston elected school committee.

Check out more about Boston elected school committees

Educate Us! the podcast

Welcome to Educate Us,” a podcast that delves deep into the issue of housing affordability through interviews and roundtable discussions with statewide community members.

In each episode of “Educate Us,” we bring together resident researchers from nine communities to share their insights and experiences on housing affordability issues. We also interview special guests to share practical information about housing. Our goal is to raise awareness and foster dialogue about the challenges and solutions to this pressing issue.

Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, policy maker, or just someone interested in learning more about housing affordability, “Educate Us” is the podcast for you!

Join us as we explore this complex topic and work towards creating more affordable and sustainable communities for all. Stream episodes below or on Spotify.

Podcast Creators: Eldric Abreu, Clifton Bennett, Mitikei Chengerei, Josee Genty, Robyn Gibson, Sharla Lewis, Anisha Patil Nakagawa, Marcia Picard, and Lydia Tsega. (Editor – Dewayne Jones)

In this episode we’ll be going over the state of affordability in our communities. We’ll have a testimonial from a resident in the community, Sonya Ramos, as well as an interview with Joshua Amaral, the Director of Housing in New Bedford. 

Interviewers: Eldric Abreu, Josee Genty, Lydia Tsega

Special Guest: Joshua Amaral

Testimonies are from the Podcast Creators

Please learn more about the data we are collecting in our communities around housing on our data tools and research page.

Click here to learn more about Joshua Amaral.

In this episode we’ll be talking about what we can do about housing, and what resources are available. Dave Underhil, a HNS Resident Researcher and Vice Chair of Mass Union will read his letter on tenants’ rights in public housing. Then we’ll have interviews with Marie Afonso from Fall River Housing Authority who will give advice about different housing resources and Sharon Cho with Dudley Neighbors Incorporated who will speak on community land trusts.

Interviewers for Marie Afonso: Mitikei Chengerei, Marcia Picard
Interviewers for Sharon Cho: Mitikei Chengerei, Josee Genty
Special Guests: Marie Afonso, Sharon Cho
Testimonies are from the Podcast Creators

Click here to learn more about Dudley Neighbors Incorporated.Find out more about the Fall River Housing Authority here.