Emerging Scholars

What is it?

The Emerging Scholars Program is a research award and development program that provides an opportunity for community scholars, early career researchers, and doctoral students dedicated to Participatory Action Research (PAR) to receive research support for a project using HNS data, tools, and/or PAR methods. Participants receive a $5,000 stipend, access to PAR tools and mentorship, and structured opportunities to network with a cohort of Emerging Scholars.

Our Goal

We aim to create a network of early-stage scholars and scholars in training whose research uses PAR methods to inform and influence policy and social action at the individual, community, or policy-level.

How it Works

Emerging Scholars enter the program with a research proposal that is of mutual interest and value to the scholar, their community partner, and the HNRC to use HNS-generated research questions, survey data, research tools, data collection instruments, or PAR methods as part of a research project. Projects require a partnership with a community organization proposed by the scholar, or with the HNRC as their community partner.

The HNRC provides regular and structured opportunities for Emerging Scholars to meet with each other as a cohort, and to interact with the HNRC to a) receive advice and guidance about project progress; b) deepen their awareness of PAR practice; and c) build their network of PAR-focused colleagues. Scholars participate in the program for a 1-year period.

APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN FOR FALL 2022! For details on how to apply, click “apply here” below.


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